Thursday, August 9, 2012

Occasionally Everyone Just Needs Some Grease-Italian Village

I don't think this restaurant is a hidden secret, I mean I remember going there when you were asked "Smoking or Non-Smoking?"  They had a lot of nerve to claim there was a non-smoking section.

"Foodies" might blast me for recommending this restaurant.  They would go there and say this place is not Italian food.  I'll admit, there may be some nostalgia behind why I love this place.  

Occasionally everyone just needs some grease.  A great way to satisfy that craving is "Italian Village" on 9th East and about 54th South in Murray.  Anyone who has eaten at IV (that is what a Murray High Spartan called Italian Village), knows about the pizza bender.  It is a delicious grease blast that just tastes so good.

I grew up in Murray and IV was the gathering place after many high school football and basketball games.  My friends and I have spent many late Friday nights at IV, and usually had to wait for a table even after 9:30 at night.  They were open late, the food was good and the price was cheap.  It was dark and pretty smoky.  Over 20 years later it still looks the same, although they've done a recent carpet replacement and paint job.  My 10 year old daughter made an astute observation as we pulled into the parking lot tonight when she said "this doesn't even really look like a restaurant and it's in kind of a weird place.  If they're this busy, it must be good."

If you go, order a pizza bender.  It's a classic and certainly the most ordered item on the menu.  You can be a poser and call it a "bender" but you almost have to earn that right by knowing a few of the servers who have all worked there for years.  It's basically a calzone, but the crust is quite thin, covered in a dusting of flour and chuck full of cheese and your choice of 3 topics.  I go with ham, pepperoni and mushroom.  The marinara dipping sauce is fantastic and even a grown man is quite full after eating one.  You will use your napkin eating this glutinous treat.  They cost about $6. 

All orders come with delicious garlic bread and if you order a salad, the lettuce will be crispy and the Italian dressing is quite good.  

Don't go to Italian Village to eat something light.  Don't go there looking for high brow Italian food.  Don't go there if you even want to feel good about yourself afterward.  But if you just need something good that might also be greasy, Italian Village is a can't miss.

Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 8/10 

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  1. Oh, I haven't been to Italian Village for years, but pizza benders are a very fond memory! I need to get myself there again asap...thanks for the reminder :-)


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