Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Quick Hike at Zion National Park

I had no idea this year that we would find ourselves in 3 National Parks in one year.  I felt buying the season pass was only for people that get special invites to REI sales, but came to realize it would have been a good value for us this year.  2012 we found ourselves visiting Bryce Canyon, Zion and Yosemite National Parks.

Although Angel's Landing sounded like a lot of fun, we decided a 4 year old boy probably wouldn't do so great on a hike that has an 800 foot cliff on one side and a 1,200 foot cliff on the other side..  For those of you not familiar with Angel's Landing, this blogger did a good job of showing some pictures of the intense Angel's Landing hike.

Our group included Katie and I, Mason-4, Gwen-10, her friend Kembree-10, my dad-72 and mom-66.  So we searched for somthing a little more family friendly and decided to hike the Canyon Overlook Trail which is a fairly simple hike for all ages.  The hike is found on the east side of the Mt. Carmel tunnel.  There are only about 10 parking spots, so depending on how crowded the park is, it might not be easy to find a place to park.  The hike is only a little over a mile and takes just over one hour.  It starts by hiking up some steps carved into the sandstone and eventually ends at a scenic overlook of lower Zion Canyon.  It has an amazing view of West Temple, East Temple, Towers of the Virgin and Streaked Wall.  Even though the hike is short, most of the time is spent in the sun, so bring some water.

I'm choosing to leave out the parts of almost losing it on our four year old that dumped all the water out of our water bottle, started climbing the fence of the look out spot, wanted to be carried, and whined and bawled for about 1/3 of the hike.  Just trying to take away the positive.  Clearly you can see I've almost forgotten about all the other stuff.

It's a perfect short little family hike.
Gwen and Kembree on hike at Zion

Mason on hike at Zion

Mason taking in the beauty of Canyon Overlook Trail

At the top of Canyon Overlook Trail

Dragging a crying Mason down Canyon Overlook Trail in Zion.  When will hiking with kids become fun?


  1. The views from Zion National Park look phenomenal!

  2. Love Zion NP! Thanks for sending the note. I liked your blog but can't find you on facebook. Like our page and send me a message on there so I can like your page. We have been to over 200 National Parks and love something about each and everyone of them.


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