Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sand Hollow Golf Course-St George, Utah

I just got back from my annual "mancation."  Usually I head out to on a golf trip with a couple buddies each year as the last hurrah for the golf season.  This year we went to St George, Utah to play some old favorites: Valderra Golf Club, Green Springs and Sand Hollow.

Sand Hollow is my all time favorite course played anywhere.  It has been awarded the best public course in Utah 2 years in a row.  It's just a few miles outside of St George and sits a top bluffs that offer amazing views of the surrounding red rocks, Pine Valley Mountain and even Zion National Park.

The lay-out of the course is deceptive.  With very open fairways and huge greens, it appears the course will be quite easy.  However, the undulation, wind and yardage can make this course quite difficult.  It is a course that the designer describes as "every hole is a very difficult birdie and fairly easy bogie."  Many of the par 4 holes are over 420 yards from the blues.  The wind tends to pick up every afternoon.  And there is no perfectly flat lie on any fairway or perfectly straight putt on any green.  The course designer did an amazing job of taking advantage of the natural landscape and it almost has a feel of little to no use of earth movers in creating this course.  It feels more like the course just laid down some grass and used every natural mound, elevation change and natural rock that were found.

The condition of Sand Hollow is perfect.  It may be the best manicured course I've ever played and that includes several that host PGA events.  Every tee box is perfectly flat, there are no pitch marks on the greens and fairways are perfectly mowed. 

The back 9 of the championship course is unlike anything I've ever played.  Several of the holes hug a cliff line to a valley a couple hundred feet below.  It is from these tee boxes that Zion can seen off in the distance.

If you're in St George area and a golfer, you have to play this course.  If you're in Vegas and a golfer, it's worth the day trip.
View from #1 Tee Box at Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow Cliff Side Hole

#17 at Sand Hollow Golf Course

Sand Hollow Golf Course

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