Friday, November 9, 2012

Hotel Review: Hyatt Escala Lodge at Park City

We were invited to stay at The Hyatt Escala Lodge at Park City with some friends in a 3 bedroom unit and were very impressed.  It was named one of SKI Magazine's "Top 10 Hot Hotels in 2010."

Park City is really broken up into 5 locations to stay, Newpark, The Canyons, The Base of Park City Ski Resort, Main Street Area and Deer Valley.  For a long time The Canyons was the least developed of the ski resorts areas and felt very isolated, but they have poored a ton of money into the resort and the addition of a few very nice hotels and timeshares have helped add to the area.  The Hyatt Escala is certainly the best hotel at The Canyons.

Things I liked:
  1. The rooms were gorgeous and quite spacious.  The bathrooms are beautiful.  The kitchen was amazing.
  2. The location is right next to the main lift for the resort.
  3.  The service was quite good.
  4. Very nice restaurant.
  5. A very nice rock fireplace.
  6. The Hyatt Escala is only a quick 30 minute drive from the Salt Lake City Airport.
Something I wasn't a huge fan of:
  1. The swimming pool was quite small.
  2. Some of the lower floored rooms in the back lacked a view.
There are several high end lodging options in Park City.  Our stay may have been a little unusual in that we in a 3 bedroom residential suite instead of the standard room, but our daughter commented that it was the nicest hotel room she's ever stayed in.  She lists it as one of her 10 favorite hotels in the world.  It would be difficult to argue that.

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