Tuesday, April 9, 2013

India Palace-South Jordan Utah

I feel like I'm late to the game with Indian food.  I've dabbled in it, much like 2nd graders dabble in water colors.  But I always have this slight intimidation factor when trying new foods because I hate dropping money to see if I'll like something.  What if I don't, do I get my money back?  Do I give up on the food entirely because I ordered the wrong thing or went to the wrong restaurant? 

Perfect solution...a buffet.  I realize buffets aren't going to be the freshest or best food, but it allows me to try multiple items to see if I'm into it.  My Indian friend invited me to India Palace for a lunch buffet to ease me into Indian Food (my 10th grade English teacher would be disappointed that I used Indian 3 times, no wait, now 4 times in one sentence).

India Palace has been around in Provo for many years.  If you read the reviews, some love it, some think it's ok, but everyone agrees that the lunch buffet is a good deal.  I was a little nervous when I walked into the new India Palace restaurant in South Jordan and saw how empty it was, but later learned it was new and hadn't quite developed the loyal following that the restaurant in Provo has.  On the plus side, for now it's a nice quiet place to have a business lunch.

The restaurant itself was nice and well layed out and clean.  I typically prefer dives, but I'm not going to hold it against them for having a well kept restaurant.  The wait staff was friendly.  Another positive for me was that they accepted American Express, unlike a lot of the smaller restaurants.

Some of the buffet items included: Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Coconut Korma, Mango Chicken, Lamb Madras, and Chicken Tandoori.  There were other items as well but honestly, with all the meat and options, I almost wondered how they can make any money.  I thought it was all excellent, and I did make sure to try it all.

Will I go back?  I already have.  Would it be my first choice for dinner out?  Probably not, but I'm just a little partial to some other foods.  Is it an excellent place to go for lunch when it's rainy and you're looking for some comfort food?  Absolutely.

Service: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Food: 7/10

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