Friday, May 3, 2013

Best Sushi in Las Vegas-Sushi Roku

Just like almost everyone else in this country, I started eating sushi about 7 years ago (if you started after that, you’re just a poser).  I thought I’d become pretty refined as I’d advanced past California rolls to rolls in general to nigiri and sashimi.  Rolls are how they lure you in to eating raw fish, but for me, it’s increasingly become more and more about the quality of the fish. 

Recently I was in Las Vegas with a buddy of mine who is a sushi connoisseur (code for sushi snob).  He insisted we go to Sushi Roku at Caesars in Las Vegas where his friend is the head sushi chef.  Hands down it would rank in one of my top 5 dining experiences.

We sat at the bar and had them make whatever.  The thing I first noticed when they passed us our first dish is how perfect the rice was.  It wasn’t pressed into some tight white clump.  Each grain of rice could be individually counted and with each piece of nigiri I thought the rice would fall off but it somehow defied gravity and stayed together.  Kind of weird thing to geek out about, but I’ve really never seen this before.

Some of the delicious items included: Uni, Toro (Tuna Belly), Saba (Mackeral), Tako (Octopuss), Chilean Sea Bass with Truffle Miso Glaze.  There was one last item that took the cake as one of the best things I’ve eaten, Foie Gras wrapped with Hamachi and Chiso leaf, topped off with a white truffle and gold flakes.  You’re welcome for the picture.
The food was awesome.  The ambience was great with an amazing view of The Strip.  The service was perfect.  Johnny the General Manager was very attentive.  Jason, the Sushi Chef, was the best sushi chef I’ve come across.  This place has certainly taken my expectation level of sushi to a new level.

Service: 10/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 10/10

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